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All it takes is a little girl’s wave

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute, Shopping by sbahn on 2011/03/26
Frozen downspout greeted me Friday morning

Frozen downspout greeted me Friday morning

Last week we had a few days in the upper 50s and 60s (Fahrenheit). This week has plunged us back into the gloomy days of winter with snow and highs in the 30s and lower 40s. I’m just done with the cold.

Friday’s ride home was a bit longer than usual as I popped into Smithfield to stop at Target, but eventually got back into Providence and took my usual route home. On the way out to Smithfield, I passed one bike but I was in heavy traffic and not paying particular attention to what was on the other side of the jersey barriers. All I noticed was an upright person in black. On the way back into town, I saw a cruiser guy, bald, no helmet, no gloves, riding on Smith Street. It was warmish (I was hot actually, but that was from walking around Target wearing four layers), but not warm enough to be riding with the visor open, and this guy was letting it all hang out. Sheesh. Anyway, I waved, and it was returned. Who wouldn’t say hello to a girly on a cute little blue scooter with 25lbs of cat litter in a milkcrate?

I passed another scooter(!) right at the street crossing for LaSalle High School. He did a total “Hi Mom” on me. It was cute. Me completely geared up for the apocalypse and he riding a Chinascoot death machine wearing a hoodie.

Back in town, I was riding behind a car for about 2 miles. As I swept into the right turn at the big church off Knight Street and down whatever the street where Palmieri’s bakery is called, a car was pulling up to the exit from the now-closed Holy Ghost school, most likely visiting someone at the apartment complex across the street. This is a notorious part of the commute as most of the residents and visitors are brain-dead. This particular driver did not fail to disappoint. He let the car in front of me pass and then started to pull out in front of me. I hit the Stebel three times. “Get back there, you douchebag!” I shouted, although no one could hear due to me wearing a balaclava and FF helmet. He finally abandoned his plan and rolled back into the driveway. It gave me a little adrenaline burst.

As I’m continuing riding behind the same car, it slowed at the dog park because the little girl in the back was looking at the dogs. Then at the light on Broadway, she finally gets bold enough to give me a little wave. I laugh and wave back. The driver sees me and gives a wave in the rear-view mirror. The girl must have thought she now had full permission; she twists her body around and does a full-on double handed wave-wave-wave. It was so cute!

We both make the left turn onto Broadway, but the car continues along straight as I make my quick right at the corner I’m now calling the Guatemalan restaurant pothole corner of death. Public Works finally plopped some of the pothole filler compound into the really bad hole but never stamped it down. It only fills about halfway up to the street surface, and extra filler stuff is now on the regular street surface raising it higher in some places. DPW also didn’t sweep up any of the loose chippings from the original hole which are scattered about 10 feet in all directions on the street surface. It’s a disaster, and DPW should be ashamed of themselves for the sloppy, unprofessional work. I don’t know why they suck so bad and can’t just do a good job. Is it really that difficult?

The rest of the ride home I contemplated the word douchebag. It’s really a horrible word. It made remember that my mom’s bad word growing up was damn. I remember when I learned how to spell it (what is that pesky n all about anyway?); it was always such an off-limits word that I don’t even use now.

Arrived home and the boyfriend came over to carry the 25lbs of cat litter back to the house. Woohoo! The cheese and fruit plate that Susan gave me at work even made it home in one piece. The strawberries looked a little worse for wear, but the melon should still be edible. Mmmmm.


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