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Yes, I’m still commuting

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/03/14

I know, I know, it’s been a while. It’s been pretty much all of February and I didn’t post. And I like February because my birthday is in February! The lack of posts is definitely not for lack of bad driving or potholes; it’s more other things are eating up my relaxing writing time.

A few curious observations

1) Last Friday afternoon I’m behind a Mercedes with RI plate CH 336 being driven by an older gent with closely cropped white-white hair. There’s an FOP “Associate Member” star badge attached to the back of the plate. I notice a very pungent odor coming from the car as the guy reaches down with his right hand toward the area where an ashtray should be (do newer cars still have ashtrays?), all the time holding a phone to his left ear. He pops up the sunroof and the odor is overpowering. The nastiest skunkweed I’ve ever smelled.

I’m behind him at a red light, stop sign, another red light. As we pull up to yet another red light, he looks up in the rearview mirror and puts his right hand toward the ashtray again. He pulls the sunroof closed and takes the left at the light. Here the street breaks out into two lanes and I pass him on the left, giving him a finger wag and a shake of the head. I don’t care that he smokes up; I do care that he’s doing it while operating a motor vehicle. Come on, already. Damn baby boomers; it’s not enough for them to sap Social Security dry and bankrupt the healthcare system. They gotta turn their Mercs into assault vehicles as well. And it was cheap crap. Ugh.

2) It was raining hard Friday morning and the potholes did not disappoint, filling up with massive amounts of water. Woohoo! I went through one really deep puddle so fast that the water came up over the floorboard. Oh yeah, my boot got a soaking but all that mink oil I slathered on last fall did its duty as not a drop got in.

3) The red Chinascoot is back on campus. Stupid kid parked in my spot on Tuesday and it was still there, unmoved, when I left on Friday. I figured it would be gone this morning (Monday) as it’s spring break. Sure ’nuff it was so Franz is finally back in his regular spot. It’s been months!

Dental work sucks.


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  1. Pepper said, on 2011/03/16 at 8:01 pm

    I look for your blogs everyday as I enjoy reading them. Sorry about the dental work.

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