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Dreaming in Hi-Viz

Posted in Utter nonsense by sbahn on 2011/02/28

I woke up Saturday morning, well, almost Saturday afternoon, and stumbled downstairs to get a cup of coffee which was, conveniently, freshly made and waiting for me. After saying hello to all the cats, I stomped back upstairs and into the office where I proceeded to catch up on all the news I missed while sleeping.

As I’m sipping the liquid black gold, I say to the boyfriend, “I had a weird dream.”

“Oh really. What was it this time?” [Apparently it is common for me to begin a conversation with that sentence.]

“I was walking into a classroom on my campus wearing my hi-viz yellow jacket. As I was about to walk through the doorway, a student walked up at the same time wearing a hi-viz yellow jacket. I said to him, ‘Hey, are you on a bike?’ because I thought it was weird one of the students would be riding to campus as we’re a 98% residential college.”

“The kid looked at me and stated matter-of-factly, ‘Uh no, this is fashion’ like I’m living in the 90’s or something. As I proceeded to enter the room and walk to the table up front to put my bag down, I looked up and saw seven students wearing hi-viz yellow jackets. Some were puffy, others were fleece, one was a hoodie. Somewhere along the way, I missed the hi-viz as hi-fashion trend. And that’s my dream.”

“Hmmm,” the boyfriend uttered. “A dream or just your perverted thinking?”

It has to be related to the fact that in the last couple of weeks I have seen one kid wearing a hi-viz yellow woolen cap thing (you know what I mean, a pull-on winter stretchy hat) and one kid wearing a hi-viz yellow sweatshirt. Who in their right minds would wear that color if they didn’t have to?

Just you watch. Spring 2011 — the season of hi-viz. Although I just checked the Pantone women’s colors and men’s colors and there’s nothing near yellow. Orange, yes, but no yellows.


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  1. Rollie said, on 2011/02/28 at 4:59 pm

    I’ve noticed quite a few young women cycling through NYC wearing neon yellow scarves, presumably from American Apparel. Maybe they’ll be trendsetters for hi-viz?

  2. Gaston said, on 2011/03/07 at 1:27 am

    Just idiots following a fashion. It remind me something about 1970 in Chile, being a teenager. For some reason Chile was importing on those months flour from U.S., strange because Chile is full of flour and excellent bread. The fact is, the youths start collecting flour’s white sacks and making pants of it, hippye style. In about 2 months became a huge fashion and nowhere to find more sacks.
    Its only takes one idiot with an idea and the plague is coming.

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