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Goggles, in this weather?

Posted in Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/02/10

I really didn’t believe my eyes last night while riding home from RIC. It was after 7pm, about 25°F and dark in the city. This was my first ride from RIC to home since last spring so I wasn’t sure of the condition of the streets. [Note to other PVD riders: there are a lot of potholes on Atwells just east of Valley Street where the bridge was out after the flooding last March.] I’m riding down Atwells Avenue near Academy and I see a guy, pulled over to the side of the street, sitting on a scooter. It was almost an apparition as it was dark and so was he and the scoot. I looked over, gave a wave, and noticed he had on a half helmet with googles hanging from his neck. Dude, it’s cold. Too cold for goggles. I don’t know what kind of scooter it was. It was just a big dark blob.

I’ve had three people tell me I was crazy for riding today. All three are people I don’t see on a daily basis and they didn’t realize I’ve been riding in way worse conditions than today. It’s only cold today. The ice on the streets is minimal. Actually, the worst street on my entire commute is my own street. It’s still covered in a thin layer of ice. I really don’t understand why; it’s not like the trees have leaves. All the other nearby side streets are dry. Very weird.


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  1. Keith said, on 2011/02/10 at 9:19 pm

    Well, I think you are either brave or crazy or both for riding some of the times you do. The roads need be pretty clear for me to venture forth which means I am either wise or a wimp or both. I have block and a half of glare ice between me and the open road. So tempting. Oh well, big warm up over the weekend. I will wait. Yeah, I’m a wimp.

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