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It takes a ride to the East Side to see another scooter

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/02/09

Yesterday started out warmish; it was 35°F when I left the house. The streets were clear enough and I figured I’d be home before the predicted major drop in temps was due. I had a nasty dental appointment later in the afternoon on the east side of Providence. As I’m coming down Canal Street, I’m behind a maroon Saab with a driver who wasn’t particularly interested in driving. At first I had to confirm it was not my neighbor as he has the same car (it wasn’t).

The woman was poking along Canal in front of me, rolled through the stop sign at the left-only turn without using her indicator (no surprise), and then pulled into the far right lane, the one used for making a right onto Benefit Street. The light turns green and the Saab goes straight. It’s in the right lane and I’m in the left lane. I’m behind a car so there is a little empty space between the car and me. Up this hill the right lane becomes a right-turn only lane. The Saab moves over into my lane and I lay on the Stebel, two long air horn honks. The woman’s head moves upward and she makes a little wavy hand gesture into the back mirror. Seriously? That’s your “I’m sorry for violating your lane; I’m sorry for not doing a head-check; I’m sorry for not indicating”.

As I’m sitting at the light at Thayer St and I watch a Vespa zip through the intersection. The guy had the visor up. Man, it wasn’t that warm! So it takes riding over to the hoity toity part of town to see another scooter.

When I finished at the dentist, the weather had deteriorated to below freezing. There was some slipping and sliding on the way home and some windchill. That’s what I get for leaving the balaclava at home. I’m really done with this weather.


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  1. Pepper said, on 2011/02/09 at 6:40 pm

    It was so cold and windy yesterday. GLAD to be on my way South. We hit 5 states in 10 hours. Had coffee in Atlantic City at 8:30.(1st time I have been to AC) and
    then had dinner on the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge and watched the sun set. Looking for 52 degrees in Charleston. Stay Warm

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