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Canada Day Ten: Mira River, NS (64 miles)

Posted in 2010 Canada, BMW F650GS Dakar (Maxx), Suzuki DR-Z400SM (Elsa) by sbahn on 2011/01/27

We woke up this morning to a tent covered in slugs. Let me get this out there right now. I hate slugs. They scare me. My dad taught me to be afraid of slugs. When he would go out to fetch some firewood for the Franklin stove that heated our house, if there was a slug on a log, he would come and get my mom to remove it. Great lesson, Dad, as I am exactly the same. And here I was, staring up at the top of the tent, and I could see slimy creature after slimy creature, crawling all over the tent fly and up the sides.

The boyfriend did not sleep well. I don’t think he slept at all. It really hurt him to lay down even with codeine and Strongbow pumping through his veins.

Homeville Milton Road, Homeville, NS

Homeville Milton Road, Homeville, NS

We got up and he made a sling out of his long underwear. It was quite a look; so disturbing that I didn’t take a pic. We decided that he would stay at the campsite today, reading, relaxing and recuperating. I would go for a ride. Now I know some of you may think that’s not very nice, but I am not one for sitting still and I would have bothered him. It was better this way.

I stopped in the ranger’s station, map in hand, to check in with Betty. She wanted to know how the boyfriend was feeling. I said he wasn’t doing particularly well. She suggested that if we decided he couldn’t ride home, we leave the BMW at her house and he could fly or take the bus back to little Rhody. And she meant it.

She said she would have the guys deliver firewood to the site when I was out riding. I showed her my map and asked about some of the little squiggly lines in which I was interested.

“Oh no, you can’t go there. I don’t think even a Jeep could do that.” Ok, strike that road as I’m by myself. I’m not completely stupid. “How ’bout this one?” She looks at the map and gives me a little route. I thank her and head out.

Homeville Milton Road, Homeville, NS

Homeville Milton Road, Homeville, NS

I took exactly two pictures. I wish I had had a better map because there were some nice roads that would have led me toward the water.

I rode all along the Marconi Trail, into Glace Bay and Port Morien and Mira Gut. I didn’t stop anywhere because the plan was for both of us to go to the Marconi Museum when the boyfriend was feeling better. I just sorta wanted a ride along the water to clear my head. The roads didn’t disappoint. The towns didn’t disappoint. The views didn’t disappoint.

At one point the Homeville Road goes from easy double track (my very favorite kind of riding) to super-wide dirt/gravel road. I decided to see how Elsa would handle on her Avon Distanzias. I was going about 40 mph, which is fast for me on this type of surface (learning every day), when I see I’m going to have to make a turn ahead. I stick out my leg, all super-moto style, and pull the bike through the turn. Yeah, that was fun. A Jeep laden with boys in their 20s passed me at one point along this road and I think they could tell I was having some fun. The road was pretty good, not too potholed, with some mud and puddles.

I stopped to get gas and pick up some food and ice to cook that night at the Shell / Rite Stop in Albert Bridge. The only food that I could find was frozen ground beef so I guess it’s tacos tonight. This was the first time I had to fill-up and go into the shop by myself. Everyone stared. I wish I didn’t look like a spaceman in my gear. But…they had Bounty bars! We don’t have Bounty bars in the US (if you think Almond Joy and Mounds are the same, you don’t know your head from a hole in the ground). I love, love, love Bounty bars. I grabbed a Coffee Crisp (the big one) for the boyfriend and headed back to the campsite at Mira River.

He had had quite a day, hanging out with one of the campsite worker guys. His pannier was all fixed, a giant pile of firewood was next to the fire pit, and he was sitting, relatively comfortably, reading a book and waiting for me.


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