Scoot Commute

What a fun ride home tonight!

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2011/01/20

It was dark and the snow melt from during the day was freezing on the streets. Should I play it safe and take the busier way home as the volume of traffic would keep the tarmac above 32F or check out how the tertiary streets are doing after the warm-up yesterday?

As I rode down the street that ends in a T, which way should I turn? Left and safe or right and unknown? Of course I took the right!

Slippy slidey thin layers of ice. Large ice berms that required actual maneuvering. Man, that scoot is fun to throw around! Stick out the leg, supermoto style, take that turn through the frozen slush.

Idiot car not going around the other idiot car that got in the wrong lane, despite having enough room…no problem! I slipped right past the car on the left side, barrelling through the nasty street melt snow. The truck behind me went ballistic, laying on the horn, as he lost the light.

Swerve, swerve, slip, turn, turn, turn, stand up for speed bump, little Rhody rolling stop, speed up, stand for speed bump, plow through giant trough of frozen and semi-frozen muck, snow, and mud into driveway. Yeah! The adrenaline was fantastic, and no work tomorrow! Motosickle show, here I come.


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