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No more glasses

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf) by sbahn on 2011/01/08

I had an eye doctor appointment today. I asked about getting fitted for contacts as I was curious what it would be like to ride with contacts. I wore contacts a loooooong time ago, but gave it up when I sat there one morning, on the bathroom floor, in significant pain, trying to put my lenses into burning, tearing eyes. After months of this scenario, it finally occurred to me that it was ridiculous and I promptly went out and got a pair of glasses. I’ve been wearing them ever since. I even splurged and got prescription sunglasses. (Side note: prescription sunglasses rock!).

The doctor walks in and I explain about wanting to try contacts again. I told her they would be only for occasional use for when I wanted to wear an off-road helmet with goggles. I mean really, riding the CT90 with a street helmet? How hot did I get!

She said that sounded like a good idea and went about doing the exam. Good news! No change in my prescription. This is the first time ever! I was a little disappointed as I wanted an excuse to get new glasses, but I suppose I can keep wearing the ones I have and spend my FSA money on contacts.

We went into a different room and the doctor brought out some one day disposable contacts. On the one hand I am having a difficult time justifying throw away contacts because it’s so wasteful. on the other hand, the idea that the lenses will be fresh every time gives me some peace of mind when flashing back to the horror of my old style lenses.

I popped them and looked around the room. After a little bit of tearing, I was able to focus. She gave me about 10 days worth to try out and I need to go back in a couple of weeks to see how it’s going. Again, I don’t plan on wearing these every day, just when doing a little off-road stuff or when touring. I had asked about wearing them on our next two trips, and she thought it wouldn’t be a problem. We’ll see how it goes as I’m not so sure about the wind blowing into my face all day. I do wear a full-face helmet but wind does still get in. And I usually wear my sunglasses so I may just stick to glasses when on vacation.

After I paid up, I walked out to the scoot in the 29F weather. I pulled on all my layers and proceeded to drop my bag into my underseat storage. I velcro’d my facemask behind my neck and then went to pull on my helmet. Not once, but twice, I attempted to take off my non-existent glasses. It was the weirdest feeling.

I usually pull my facemask down below my nose and mouth to keep the fog down to a minimum. This time I left it covering both. I don’t have a lot of fogging issues because I have a pinlock in my visor, but I do get fog on my glasses at red lights. This time I had no problem. It was amazing. My face was warmer and I could see better.

The doctor told me to only keep the lenses in for 6 hours the first day, but I wanted to experience riding home without glasses. I’ve already broken the rules. But I did get to ride home with the lenses. I only tried to take off my glasses once when putting on my helmet (in addition to trying to push them up my nose several times throughout the day when in my office), and the facemask in its proper position kept me so much warmer.

I did some searching around for pricing on these one day lenses and they’re pretty cheap. Who knew? Why did I wait so long? I don’t know…it’s par for the course for me. I am so delighted to now have this option. And I didn’t get any lecture type crap from the doctor about staring at the computer too much, I think because I told her I only plan on using them for riding and I gave her instructions on how to transfer her Outlook mail from one computer to another.

I’ll be testing the lenses out the next couple of weeks and I hope to report that they’re better than a hunk of Stilton cheese.



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