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New Year’s Day Ride 2011

It was six billion degrees today and the streets were clear, so we went for a ride loopingthe reservoir, the source of Providence’s most excellent water.

Honda Transalp and Suzuki DRZ400SM (un-motarded with dirt wheels)

Honda Transalp and Suzuki DRZ400SM (un-motarded with dirt wheels)


I was bundled up in the following:


  • thin manmade fabric hiking sock (no seams)
  • long underwear
  • fleece leggings
  • thick fleece socks
  • FirstGear Escape pants with liners
  • winter boots (1/2 size bigger than my usual boots to accommodate the fleece socks)


  • long underwear
  • fleece turtleneck
  • Olympia Airglide liner (blocks the wind)
  • wool vest
  • Olympia AST riding jacket
  • Rukka windstopper neck gaiter (thanks Santa!)

I wore my Gerbing’s heated gloves (battery powah!) but didn’t need them. If we weren’t moving, I was dying I was so warm. It was really warm today; definitely in the 50Fs.

We rode out Route 12 toward the Scituate Reservoir and then looped around up to Route 14 back into Probbydense. The traffic was light and no one was jerk, well, one person but that was in Olneyville once we had gotten back into town and she was on the phone. I expect it in Providence.

We passed one guy riding on Route 12 (Tunk Hill Road) wearing a balaclava and no helmet. Even in the cold some folks don’t get that helmets offer more than protection from your brains spilling all over the roadway.

I acquired Elsa last February 2010. I don’t have the exact mileage written down any where from when I purchased the bike from Jesse. So unlike me. I’m losing my German ways. I did find a receipt from a tire mounting at Razee on March 3, 2010, about two weeks after I bought the bike, and the mileage was 6,969. Who knows if that’s what it really was or if the guys were goofing around. The same receipt states that I promised to bring in brownies (which I did, and continue to do). I rode home at least 50 miles and I rode it around a bunch when I first got it, because, well, I was excited. So let’s say it was at 6,850.

Today Elsa was at 13,883.5. before we headed out. That’s 7,033.5 miles in 10 months. Not bad considering I ride a lot of different bikes throughout the year.

The Buddy is at 7,636.5. The same tire mounting receipt from Razee on March 3, 2010 states that the Buddy was at 5,820. Since I ride the Buddy every day as my commuter, I would estimate that last January 1, the Buddy was around 5,500 miles. That makes 2,136.5 miles on the Buddy in a year. A sad number, yes, as I used to ride the Buddy on longer trips but now I take the DRZ. Occasionally I’ll take the Buddy on a long ride into Connecticut after work, but that damn Dizz is just too much of a grin machine.

This makes for a total of 9,170 miles for 2010, not counting Vespa P200 days, CT90 days, F650GS days, CB750 days and Honda Fit days (I think it was 6 days in the car last year). Not bad considering I’m a borderline work-a-holic and my commute is just about 4 miles each way.

I will keep better records this year. 2011 — the year of the return of the German in me.

Oh and Merry belated Christmas!

Franz Biberkopf in his Christmas finery

Franz Biberkopf in his Christmas finery

Edit: Uh, I just realized that since I switched out the wheelz on Miss Elsa, the speedo is no longer accurate. So that will mess up my mileage for the year. Hmmm, maybe time for a GPS. My birthday is not that far away…and I was gonna ask for bar risers and DRC pegs!


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