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Tomorrow is Today

Posted in Utter nonsense by sbahn on 2010/11/24

You know, the point of this blog has always been a way for me to complain about the bad driving I have to deal with, sometimes admit to some bad riding myself, talk about what I like and dislike in my bikes, and let my mom know what’s going on.

But today I’m just sad and I want anyone who stumbles upon this post to take two seconds to stop whatever you’re doing and be quiet.

Today could be your last day of life. Today could be my last day of life. So particularly at this time of year when everyone is rushing around worrying about finding that special gift, spending an hour getting out of the mall parking lot, screaming at your kids, your spouse, your friends, just remember that it could be your last day. And is that what you really want to be doing on your last day?

Do something fun. Don’t do something you don’t want to do. Is it really that bad that the laundry didn’t get done today? Or there’s a ball of catfur in the corner because you really don’t feel like vacuuming?

My friend Deb was only 57 when she died. That’s old to someone who’s 20, but in the overall scheme of things, it’s not very old. She was vibrant and passionate and it’s not fair. I’m most sad for her husband. Deb once said to me that she hadn’t planned her life this way and that she felt her husband was getting cheated. How could I even respond?

Howard was also 57 when he died. This was a guy who basically worked for just enough money to pay his rent and buy food so he could write and read. When the apartment upstairs became available because the guy who started d.b.a moved out with his wife and little one, John and I rang up Lola our landlady, and basically said, “You have to take this guy.” Howard lived upstairs all throughout our drama and I know that he was a thoughtful ear to John. Howard was one of those guys who you think, you know, not everyone who’s brilliant has to go into academia.

Terry was in his late 40s when he died on Monday. He leaves a wife and two beautiful girls. I can never see a picture of George Best without thinking of Terry. He even named one of his daughters after the man. I’m so sad for his family. Root for Everton.

People tell me that riding a motorbike is dangerous. Well, so is everything else we do. Live today. Who cares that you haven’t raked the leaves.

I’m going for a ride. It’s cold but I don’t care.


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  1. Rollie said, on 2010/11/24 at 11:51 am

    You taught me the importance of being thankful and I can’t think of a more appropriate, if sad, post in which to wish you and Erik a happy Thanksgiving. You should both know that I think of you often and fondly and am often regaling my friends with stories about ‘my librarians’. I’ll be in Providence at the end of May for Reunion and look forward to seeing you then.

  2. […] A post from right before Thanksgiving 2010 hit me hard though.  I’ll just link it here: Tomorrow is Today […]

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