Scoot Commute


Posted in Daily Commute, Suzuki DR-Z400SM (Elsa) by sbahn on 2010/11/12

I took the DRZ to work yesterday as the boyfriend was off due to the Veteran’s Day holiday. He said he was going to work on reattaching the new milkcrate because it was starting to split on the bottom. The streets in Providence are so bad that the bouncing is wreaking havoc on my crates.

I left campus about 6pm; it was dark. I took my old way home along Dean Street. The construction is almost done so the road surface is very smooth. Plus there’s less stopping and turning on this route over my usual route home. I come to a red light at Broadway and Dean. A pick-up truck is going through the green on Broadway, slows down, and lifts up a can of whatever he was drinking in my direction, as if to say “Cheers!” to riding a bike in the cold darkness of November in New England. I gave a wave.

When I turned onto Broad Street I wound up with a cop car behind me. I wasn’t worried because I have so much reflective tape on both the bike and me that he could only assume I was a serious rider and not some punk kid with a stolen bike out for a joyride in the poor neighborhood.

I turned onto my street and took the speed bump in third. Schweet. As I came onto my block, two cars were heading toward me, hogging the entire street because there were cars parked. I don’t understand how people cannot know how big their cars are when driving. You don’t have to leave that much room between your car and the parked car.

Well, I wasn’t about to give up my lane. However, the second car was yet another cop car (I suppose that is good that they’re out patrolling the neighborhood), but it caused me to have to slow for the speed bump. I thought better of it than to take the bump and get some air. Although the bump is right in front of my house and I could always say I’m only annoying myself.

All in all the traffic was not an issue on Thursday because of the holiday. Schools closed + state offices closed = no traffic in Providence. Why can’t there be more days like this?

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