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Nasty, nasty weather … first day of snow!

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2010/11/08

At least it was light out on the ride in. But I got a bit of shock when I peeked out the window and saw the first snowfall of the season. It’s November 8th! It’s going to be a baaaaaad winter.

The wind was wicked on the ride in so I took corners very slowly. It was raining, wet leaves were everywhere, and the cars were piloted by zombies. My heated gloves are still not back from Gerbings (more on that later) so my hands were cold, but dry. I love my Rain-offs.

Tonight I left my building and it was just getting dark. I stopped in at the Aldi to pick up fixins for shepherd’s pie (mmmm). I somehow got water on the inside of my shield. I took Dean Street home and it was pretty difficult because of the water drops on the inside of the visor. Plus, I don’t know the dips and problem areas on this ride as the road has been under construction for six months.

Traffic was backed up everywhere because people can’t drive in the rain. I managed to get myself to Broad Street thinking that was a safer way to get home than Elmwood Avenue. Elmwood is two lanes in each direction and cars pulling out tend to be an issue. I could barely see, so I figured Broad Street with its one lane in each direction would be safer.

I obviously made it home, and I was dry. I’ve been experimenting with underclothing on my top and so far it’s working well. My mom got the boyfriend a down vest last year for Christmas (you know, one of those puffy things with all the baffles). He doesn’t really wear it because it’s new and he doesn’t want to ruin it (that’s man logic for you). So I’ve taken it over and am wearing it under the AST with the AST’s liner jacket. It’s been so much nicer than layer after layer of cardigan and fleece jacket. I feel warmer and I can move around easier. Who knew? Me wear a vest? I take it off quickly once I get into my office because I’m not going to be seen in a vest.

And Bandwidth, my grey cat, had a freak out last night and scratched my eye. It’s amazing I can still see; this is the second time she’s scratched my eye. I woke up around 3:15 in the morning to discover her creeping up next to me to try to get to my cup of water next to the bed (and yes, there’s plenty of fresh water in multiple bowls in the kitchen). I pulled her back and she kicked out her hind leg and stuck her rear paw directly into my eye. Man, it hurts. Between the rain and the scratched eye, I probably should have taken the car today. But that would make me a wimp.

Oh and to the jerk on Broad Street who honked…yes, I was giving you the finger but it’s difficult to do when you’re wearing lobster claw overgloves!


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