Scoot Commute

Sheesh, the wind

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2010/10/05

Boy, did the weather look different than it felt this morning or what?!

When I stepped down the porch this morning, there was a slight drizzle, enough of a drizzle to require the donning of the Rain-offs (one of the best items of kit I’ve ever purchased, seriously!). I pulled to the end of the driveway and headed out onto the rain-streaked street. A big burst of wind grabbed the scoot and I had to pull on the handlebars to keep going straight. “Where the hell did that come from?” I thought to myself.

I wobbled all over Elmwood Ave, trying to keep a straightish line without hitting the oil-soaked center of the lane. At the light at Cranston Street, the wind was so strong it cleared my shield for me. You’d never know it was so windy because nothing seemed to be fluttering or flapping except for me and my little scoot.

I do really like riding in the rain, but I decided today that 1) I don’t like riding in gusting wind, and 2) I can’t wear winter gloves under the Rain-Offs. Terrible feedback on the grips. It wasn’t even all that cold this morning so I don’t know why I grabbed the Rev’Its except maybe I’m starting to get wimpy. This is the first week of coldish mornings (50s). I did make myself a bit depressed thinking that winter was right around the corner. It does get old, riding when it’s in the 20s and 30s. But there’s still transition time until the tears freeze running down my cheeks in the morning.

It’ll be windy going home, too, and then out to Mr. Taco tonight. I’m debating Elsa the DRZ or the scoot. I’ve added a lot of reflective stickers to the rack on the Dizzer to make me more visible at night, but I think I prefer the scoot in the dark. It’s plastered in hi-viz reflective tape.


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