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Work is crazy so I went for a ride

Posted in Pleasure Ride, Suzuki DR-Z400SM (Elsa) by sbahn on 2010/09/22

I left work on time today because I had ridden the DRZ400SM to campus. The weather has been OUTSTANDING for late September. I headed up to Burrillville but didn’t find any roads I fancied and eventually wound up back on Isthmus Road. I had brought a Flip camera from work and shoved it into my riding jacket. I was terrified to move on the bike for fear the camera would fall or slip as it was school’s camera. I rode very slowly in second gear, making it to third once or twice. Next time I’ll take my own camera and a better set-up.

I’ll tell ya, the road was sweet. Much nicer than the first time I rode it when it must have just had new gravel. I thought about adding music but the engine popping off the skidplate is just too sweet.


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  1. Dachary said, on 2010/09/22 at 11:11 pm

    Looks like a nice road! It reminds me of a lot of the roads on the Trans-Mass Trail – we did that a few weeks ago on the F650s and it was a beautiful, easy ride. If you feel like some nice dirt/gravel that’s not too much of a hike, check it out – it starts in CT and terminates at the gas station where the Puppy Dog Route starts in Mass. We did it as a long day trip from Boston. (I’m the woman who drove down from Boston to check out Maxx, btw – your man sent me a link to your blog to read about the Nova Scotia trip and I’ve been following. Sounds like you guys do some really fun trips!)

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