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Dead skunk stinks

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2010/08/26

It’s been cold and rainy for three days here in little Probbydense. The weather has apparently affected the people who ride around on the streets in metal boxes because the last three days have yielded ridiculous situations during the commute.

Please stop texting, please. Just stop it. It’s irritating being behind you going 15mph. It has been so bad this week that not once, but twice, I overtook slowpoke morons. One of the overtakings was two cars (or trucks as was the case) as both of them were slithering along at a slug’s pace up Sprague Street. Sprague is two block nirvana where I can open up the throttle and be completely idiotic. But not when I’m stuck behind people who are not actually interested in propelling their cars in a forward direction. Sheesh!

There was a nasty dead skunk in the middle of River Avenue this morning…man, it was stinky McStink. On the way home, though, no dead skunk to cause me avert my eyes (I always have to look away when there’s a dead animal in the street which is not so smart for riding, but I just can’t look, I can’t), but ugh, the smell was still hanging over the intersection with Chalkstone. I will forever entwine Steven Constantino (who is running for mayor of Probbydense) with skunk smell…hmm, perhaps a sign?

I think this may be the build up to the return of students to all the campuses (or is that campi) that we have in Providence. I hope it gets better soon; I don’t remember it being this stupid.

Oh, and tomorrow…I’m taking the CT90 to the woods. Video to come!


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