Scoot Commute

The cars were the least of my worries today

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2010/08/23

What is with this weather? Sheeeeesh! When I left the house this morning, it was 63F—it’s AUGUST for crying out loud. Oh, and cats and dogs were falling out of the sky in liquid form. I guess I’ve gotten lazy or spoiled or complacent because I actually had to work during my commute today.

This morning as I’m cruising along on Westminster, I see a white Suburban pull up to the stop at the corner of Parade. The truck stopped, hesitated a bit, and then I can only assume the driver didn’t want to wait for the upcoming two cars in his direction and started to dart out … in front of me. I laid on the Stebel and the truck jerked to a halt. I haven’t had to use the horn in I can’t even remember when. First day of rain in 6 weeks and a mile from home and I’m hooting!

The day actually got worse, but thankfully when I was leaving, the rain was light. However, the wind had kicked up something fierce. I took it slowly as the streets were slick with water and oil and all kinds of nasty auto liquids; we haven’t gotten a decent rain in weeks.

When I was riding on the bridge on Atwells that goes over Route 6/10, a big gust grabbed the bike and sent me twisting all over the roadway. Not fun. I just wanted to get home, which I obviously managed because I’m writing this.

There are leaves all over the streets making a super-slippery mess. Again, it’s AUGUST. What is going on?! At this rate, I’ll be riding in snow the first week of October.


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