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Drunk Hit-and-Run Driver who killed moped rider is actually getting jail time…I’m shocked

Posted in Advocacy by sbahn on 2010/08/13

It’s not a lot of jail time for murdering someone, but it’s better than nothing.

Thomas J. Fennessey gets into his pick-up after drinking too much, hits another guy legally riding his moped on the road, leaves the scene and the guy to die by the side of the road, tries to conceal damage to his truck when the police go to his house, refuses a breathalyzer test, and he gets:

  • 7 years in jail, 5 to serve with the first 2 years in the ACI, the next three years on home confinement, and the final 2 years on probation FOR KILLING SOMEONE
  • 5 years loss of license

Seems like a fair judgment to me. I’m sure Laura Reale isn’t too worried about the judgment she’ll receive for running a red light and smashing into a guy on his bike in front of his mother and brother because she wasn’t drunk.

Michael Occhi, I’m sorry your life was cut short by the selfish, irresponsible actions of another.  May your family and all your students find peace.


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