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Wrong tool for the job

Posted in BMW F650GS Dakar (Maxx), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2010/07/30

Today I took the GS to campus. I announced last night that the Buddy is supposed to be for commuting in the winter, and I’m missing switching out my rides during the summer. Erik then told me that his installation of the chain on the DRZ wasn’t done yet (in my defense of not doing the work myself, I am working full-time and taking a 6-week graduate class for fun that is kicking my butt with the amount of work) and neither of us have had a chance to mess with the Vespa to see why it was stalling out on me last week. So he offered up the F650.

I’ve only ridden the bike around the corner and I liked it, but how  much can you really tell going 20mph for 30 seconds. This morning Erik walked over to the garage and pulled the bike out. He went over starting it (new fangled bikes with their fancy fuel injection and coolant temperature light) and I was off. I decided to take my old route because there are less turns. I’ve been avoiding the old route because there is a lot of road construction going on. I cannot wait until it’s finished because the streets will be smooth as silk.

As I stopped at the end of my street to make a left, I realized that turning this thing was going to be interesting. Sheesh! It was an uneventful ride, save for construction on pretty much every corner, and all the turns I took were wide and sloppy. I did see an orange Buddy parked in the lot across from Amos House. I wonder who that is.

When I got in to my office, I sent an IM to Erik asking, “How the hell do you turn this thing?” He told me it’s the big wheels. I never had a Big Wheel as a kid, so maybe that’s why I was so bad?

The F650 had no flick factor. I just sorta climbed on and steamboated ahead. I think I’m very, very spoiled by the DRZ400 and the scoots. Not that I didn’t enjoy the GS, but for crowded, unpredictable city stop-and-go commuting, it sucked. When I hit the light at Raymond Street on the way home, I thought, “Oh good, I’ll be able to open it up some now that  no one is in front of me.” I could feel that I had a nice bike under me but I never got a chance to do anything with it.

This ride also revealed how sweet Erik’s ride must have been on the Trans-Canadian highway in New Brunswick. I was being blown all over the highway and he’s sitting smug, cruising through the air. I want to take the F650GS out onto the highway. I think Erik is afraid because he wants to sell it because it has “no soul”, again, all that new-fangled technology.

But I love my DRZ400SM. She just needs another set of wheels and I’ll be all set.


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