Scoot Commute

This Week’s Commute: Genuine Buddy each day and idiots who think a left turn arrow means go straight

Thistle House

This is the first coat of paint on my Victorian house...the foundation will be purple. I've been waiting 5 years for this paint work. It's gorgeous.

Uneventful commuting week. I think I’m now totally and completely inured to bad behavior.

All five mornings at least one car, often more than one, went straight in the new left turn lane at Harris and Atwells. I’m counting the days until an accident. Complete morons.

My student worker’s last day of summer work was on Thursday so we went to Julian’s for lunch. She had never been there and I wanted to expose her to a part of Providence she didn’t know. Lunch was good, good conversation and good food. I then rode her by the Armory and my house to show her our beautiful historic district. We then spun up Broad Street, through town and back to the Elmhurst neighborhood where I dropped her off at her sublet.

When she got off the Buddy, the smile was adorable. She had a blast, and I learned, once again, how awful riding two-up on the Buddy is. I don’t understand how people ride 2-up on a regular basis. Maybe they’re all tiny? A note to the world: the Buddy sucks for riding 2-up if one of the riders is 5’11”.

Buddy & Beemer in front of Trinity Brewhouse

Buddy & Beemer in front of Trinity Brewhouse

On Friday I stopped in at Trinity on the way home. Neither Erik nor I had popped in since we got back from Canada and wanted to see what was going on. Julie is taking a class this summer and she said she’s been seeing my scoot on campus. At first she didn’t realize it was me, which I find rather amusing. Who else rides a blue and grey scooter with a grey milkcrate covered in reflective tape and a license plate that says SBAHN?! She said the give-away was the yellow bungees. And I only have yellow bungees because that’s the size that fits. The blue bungees are too short and the white bungees are too long.

There are roadworks happening on Pleasant Valley/Raymond Street so be careful! The road is grated down to the wavy tar and the transition from good roadway to bad roadway is extreme.


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