Scoot Commute

Could we have another scooter rider in the neighborhood?

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf) by sbahn on 2010/07/21

I’m tired of the class I’m taking. While I ride all year, it is in the summer when it’s actually enjoyable. But with class, I’m finding that I come home after work and read, write, and study for hours. Enjoy that sunshine? I don’t think so.

This morning I peeked out the front door and saw Lucia’s Volvo wagon in the driveway across the street. She’s asked me a few times for a training session on the scoot, but I’ve been busy or she’s been busy or it’s rained. I wanted a break from class this evening so I ran inside, scribbled a note, and stuck it to the windshield of the Volvo. Training session at 5:30.

I arrived home and Lucia walked over to the garage. “You ready?” I asked. “Yes!” was the enthusiastic response. I found a helmet that fit her (I wear an XS so my spares rarely work for normal people), and the lesson began.

Lucia did GREAT! We went through controls, putting on and off the centerstand, and tossing it side to side. She’s shorter than I thought because she was on her toes when sitting.

We proceeded to walk it down the driveway, and then use the brakes. “They’re strong,” I laughed the first time when the bike came to a sudden stop (I was holding it from the back).

I then took her two-up down the street to a large parking lot. She said she felt very vulnerable without anything around her. I said that’s why I wear all my gear. Next time I’ll have all the gear for her.

In this lot, I suggested she start it up and go straight. She did and started working the throttle and brake. She did great. The lot still had a bunch of cars in it and it was about to rain in any second, so we rode 2-up back to my house. In front of my house, I gave her the scoot again. She did a little more walking it with the throttle and brake. Finally she gave it some good throttle and I screamed, “Feet up!” and away she went (I was running along side the whole time because I really didn’t want her to fall and get hurt…I’d feel awful). It was great. She got going and everything seemed to click.

Next lesson will be in an empty lot and hopefully on a smaller, shorter, lighter scooter. Beth, can we borrow the Honda Metropolitan?

Go Lucia go!


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