Scoot Commute

On the way to Nova Scotia!

Finally, finally, finally the day arrived…June 18th. I ran around on the 17th getting last minute supplies (food and bug repellent) and arranged how I wanted to pack stuff. How we lived in a pre-ZipLoc world I will never know. Actually, having just read the Wikipedia article about Ziploc bags, I never did live in a world pre-Ziploc.

I had ziplocs for:

  • kitchen clean-up stuff (sink, sponge, washing up liquid, clothes line and pins, microfiber rags, papertowels)
  • dining (collapsible plates, bowls, cups, knives/forks/spoons, paring knife, cork screw, coffee maker)
  • napkins
  • fire stuff (matches, fire starters, flint)
  • mosquito stuff (coils and citronella candles…I am heading north!)
  • roll of toilet paper
  • spices (thyme, rosemary, oregano, chicken broth, goya mixed spice, pepper)
  • pre-cooked Trader Joe’s rice and lentil packets
  • personal ditty bags (one for him, one for me) for soap, towels, toothbrush/paste, etc.
  • coffee
  • coffee filters
  • first aid kit (including a separate little bag for Advil, Exedrin, allergy medicine)
  • energy bars and fruit leather

I cannot stress enough how well this system worked for us. It could be pissing down with rain and I could easily grab the three or four bags I would need. I could do it in the dark or the light. I knew where everything was at all times. Erik had no freaking clue where things were. But I could (and had to) grab stuff in the pitch black of night and we had everything we needed. Oh, and seriously, BRING A SPARE ROLL OF TOILET PAPER. You will need it.

Elsa & Maxx packed up and ready for the ride to Cape Breton

Elsa & Maxx packed up and ready for the ride to Cape Breton

Friday, June 18th was a warm, sunny morning. We brought the bikes into the back yard and packed them up. As we’re prepping the bikes, my crazy neighbor June starts calling over the fence “Eva, Eva” because of course she thinks that’s my name. Which it isn’t. I ignore her. She starts with “hello, hello” as if I’m not in the middle of packing up the DRZ for over two weeks of touring. I finally look her way and yell over “I’m in the middle of the something here” and she goes away. Too much pot has turned her into a zombie. I cannot have a conversation with her.

I rode out to the street while Erik made last minute adjustments. As I’m idling by the curb, a woman pulls up next to me in a car, rolls down her window and starts to ask me something. I’m wearing a full-face and earplugs and the bike is making its own noise as it’s warming up. I bang on my helmet and yell “I can’t hear you” so, in typical South Providence fashion, she yells back at me. I shake my head and head off.

Erik joins me and off we go! All of a mile to go to the Seaplane Diner for breakfast. After scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes, we are on our way north!

DRZ400SM and BMW F650 Dakar at the Seaplane Diner, Allen's Ave, Providence, RI

DRZ400SM and BMW F650 Dakar at the Seaplane Diner, Allen's Ave, Providence, RI


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