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What’s the worst kind of commute?

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2010/06/09

The kind you’re not dressed for.

Man, is it raining. And it wasn’t supposed to start raining until tonight. What is the point of weather prediction? It’s wrong quite often and the weather people giving you the information never suffer the consequences of the incorrect forecast.

Well, today, I did. It started raining heavily around 2:30pm. I watched out the window, hoping that the rain would let up and turn into, at the very least, a drizzle, but no. When I finally got ready to leave to go home, I pulled on the fleece jacket I keep in my office and then the BMW jacket I wore in, knowing full well it wasn’t waterproof as the liners were at home. Why oh why did I not wear the AST today?!

I walk out to the scoot and there it hits me…my helmet is hanging off the side of the bike from the helmet hook. And the shield was open. Awww man, really? How stupid can I be? The only reason I didn’t put it under the seat when I got to campus today was because I have a bungee net and some straight bungees in there and the helmet didn’t fit. (I was carrying the bungees for good reason, though.)

So there I am. Pulling a cold, dripping helmet on over my head, water on the inside of the visor, and no gloves. On the very rare occasions that it’s raining and I don’t have my Rain-Offs or Rev’It H2O gloves, I ride home bare-handed. Real safe, I know, but it’s better than wet leather on my hands. I simply cannot stand it.

I head off campus, Hollywood shouting after me “Stay wet!”, cursing myself for leaving my helmet out in the rain. Water was dripping down my neck and I couldn’t see a thing out the visor. “You only have 3 miles to go,” I told myself.

I hit most of the lights on the way home and traffic was pretty heavy. Lots of waiting at the 3-way and 4-way stop signs, too. By this time water was dripping into my boot. I love my Escape overpants but they’re way too short. I have a fix for them (REI snow gaiters), but they were sitting on the coffee table getting ready to be packed for the trip to Canada.

I finally get to Broadway and make the quick right onto my cut-through street by the Guatamalan restaurant that changes names every 6 months (I don’t know the name of the street). There’s a car right behind me without its lights on, naturally, as Rhode Island drivers are stupid.

Looking ahead I see a couple embracing in the middle of the one-way street, standing smack dab inbetween a large white box truck and a small green car. The car has the driver’s side door flung wide open, and the couple of standing behind it. They finish their embrace as I approach and the guy then decides he has to get something out of the back seat. Not like there are two vehicles on the street and cannot get through because the box truck is parked illegally. I wait a moment, but when I realize this guy is in no rush, I just start to plow through. I know I can make it if I twist the handlebars to get the mirrors through. I’m cold, my hands are freezing, and I can’t see a thing due to water and fog on the visor.

As I push through I hear an audible “ugh” as the door pushes in, ever so slightly, on the guy. Look dude, there’s traffic and you’re holding up the whole street. Move yerself. I’m sure the car behind me is still stuck on the street unless one of the embracers moved the truck or car.

I parked the bike and walked into the house, water everywhere. Domino, the dumb cat, managed to squeeze through the back door to get into the basement. I didn’t even bother chasing after him. I just wanted to get out of these wet clothes. He’s still down there. I’m sure I’ll find him covered in cobwebs with his typical idiot grin.


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  1. Tony said, on 2010/07/11 at 5:25 am

    Came here from your link on Modern Buddy. I have never had the displeasure of having to wear a dripping wet helmet. I always keep my plastic pants in my rear box of my scooter just in case of unexpected rain.

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