Scoot Commute

Canada Countdown: Post Five

Woohoo! Canadian insurance cards have arrived from both Progressive and Hagerty. “Why both?” you wonder. Well, we were planning on taking the vintage bikes on this trip; me on the Honda CB350 and he on the BMW R75/5. But the Honda just got running on Sunday.

Oh my god let me tell you…that thing is a freaking hoot and a half. I’m so glad I sold the CB750 because the 350 was what I was meant to be riding. It’s tiny, gripping the tank is the most natural feeling in the world, it shifts like a Dream (literally, just like the Dream), and it’s zippy (in a 1971 kind of way). I completely get how Honda took over the motorbike world. It’s really that much fun. Why my parents never let us have motorbikes when we were kids…

However, I digress.

I reeeeally wanted to do this trip on the old bikes, but the other night Erik sat down, looked at me and said, “How would you feel if we had to abandon the trip because one of the bikes had a catastrophic breakdown?” Well, maybe he wasn’t that dramatic, but you get the point.

I looked at him and said, “I would be very unhappy.” I have been thinking about this trip since last spring (2009!) and I really, really, really need a break. So we decided, not even three nights ago, to forgo the rollicking adventure that would have been a ’71 BMW and a ’70 Honda for the ’01 BMW F650GS Dakar (Maxx for now until something else speaks to him) and the ’07 DR-Z400 SM (aka Elsa).

The only problem is…I’m getting a Renazco seat and my build date is during the time we’re away. There actually is something worse than the stock DR-Z400 seat — no seat at all!


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