Scoot Commute

A hand signal? On Elmwood Ave?

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2010/06/08

I’m riding behind a black Blazer on Elmwood Ave last Thursday on the way home, and I notice that the left brake light is not working. Both the Dole light and the right brake light are fine, though.

There’s a lot of traffic as it’s rush hour and I’m keeping my distance because who knows what will happen on Elmwood Ave. As the truck approaches Peace Street, the driver puts her arm out the window and points her index finger in the direction of the street. As this is Elmwood, I figured she was just talking with her hands. But no. She slows and starts to make the left turn. I couldn’t believe it; another driver was using hand signals…in this neighborhood?!

What next? Planning ahead and choosing side streets that have stoplights to make it easier to turn left onto the busy 4-lane street? Pedestrians crossing the crosswalks? An end to random stopping in the middle of a lane?

Last week was good overall. This week, however, has gotten a bad start. People must be in vaca mode because it was a bear getting home last night. Stay away from Jersey plated SUVs.


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