Scoot Commute

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go

Me on Elsa the DRZ riding through the woods in Massachusetts

Me on Elsa the DRZ riding through the woods in Massachusetts

I didn’t write up anything about commuting last week because it was pretty uneventful. I took the scoot every day because I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it’s just the easiest to ride in town. No shifting, I can lean it low into turns, and it’s got so much storage that I can stop at Target, the Aldi and Rite-Aid and easily fit everything in/on the bike.

Speaking of the trip to Target, I finally saw another dual sport riding on Route 44 and I was on the scoot! The guy had on shorts. I will never understand it. And I picked up this cool little doodad from HMDXaudio (at the Rite-Aid) that is a case and speakers for the iPod that weighs next to nothing and is PINK! This is going to be perfect for camping. I am really impressed with how good the sound is (we tested it during a bbq) and it keeps my iPod safe when riding.

Now onto the fun! Erik’s grandma had cataracts surgery last Monday. His mom, Pepper, asked us to pop in over the holiday weekend to see how she was doing. We’re the closest relatives by distance, and his grandma is going to be 87 this year (sorry Marjory, I hope it’s ok to let everyone know).

Erik mapped a back way to Marion, Massachusetts that took us on some beautiful roads. The scenery consisted of freshly planted farmland, curvy roads hugging various ponds and lakes, and a frigging awesome causeway between water and a cranberry bog. I was soooo excited riding next to the bog. I’ve got to learn how to photograph and ride at the same time as I have no pics of how cool it was.

We arrived at Erik’s Grandma’s house and she was in fine form. We visited for a bit and then the two of us walked down through the yard to the cranberry bog at the back of the property. Erik has been telling me for months about how great the trails are by her house, but all I remembered was the hardpack surrounding the bog and a little trail where there’s an abandoned car.

Well, was he right or what?!

After our walk, we went back up to the house to say our goodbyes and ask what she thought about us riding out by the bog. She basically gave us a “Get out of jail free” card by saying that if anyone stopped us, we can use her name. As the retired (and now deceased) pastor’s wife, her name carries a lot of weight in the small town.

And away we went! Erik told me to lead as the gearing on the DRZ is so different compared to the BMW, he wanted me to set the pace. I have to hold in the clutch on the DRZ in first gear and he’s already in second gear. Hate him.

Elsa the DRZ400SM at the Power Lines

Elsa the DRZ400SM at the Power Lines

We rode down Gordan’s driveway and out onto the hardpack that skirts the bog. It’s a dry bog, very different than how it was done where I grew up in the Jersey Pine Barrens. As I headed to the far corner of the bog, I saw a grassy path. I pointed Elsa in that direction and we wound up at some power lines. I swung up to the left and saw a little trail into the woods. Again, I pointed Elsa to the left.

The path was plenty wide for the bigger bikes. It was covered with pine needles and cones and big rocks peeking out through the dirt. We kept riding into the woods until we came to this very odd clear-cut clearing. I couldn’t figure out how the heavy equipment got in there to pull down all the trees. It was very freaky.

We couldn’t make it across the huge field of pulled up trees so we turned around and headed back out. We probably could have figured out a way around it, but this was just the first run of what’s going to be more, and I was hungry. When I get hungry, I must eat or I start to get dizzy.

Erik on the F650GS Dakar heading out to the Wave

Erik on the F650GS Dakar heading out to the Wave

It was a lot of fun! We rode out of the woods and back to the bog. Erik then led the way back out to the main road on the same hardpack that surrounds the bog. The rhodos were beautiful!

We rode out to the Kool Kone in Wareham (across from the Gateway Tavern, where we stopped when we picked up one of the CT90s and one of the bartenders is named Lolita!) to grab a hot dog as I was seriously in need of some kind of food. I didn’t have an ice cream as we were going to go to a barbecue later in the evening back in Providence.

Rode the back roads back to Providence. We had to ride Route 44 for part of it, and a guy in a Saab was going nutso in East Providence trying to figure out what bikes we were on. He pulled up on our right at one light, and then to the left at another light (turning lane). I’m glad I unstickered mine because you don’t know what it is unless you have half a clue.


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