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Waste Management Karma

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2010/05/25

I’ve been on and off the phone with Waste Management the last few weeks trying, in vain for most of the time, to get them to pick up the yard debris/leaf bags on my street. For three freaking weeks the bags sat there, getting rained on and having idiots walking by drop their non-biodegradable trash into them.

Friday (pick up should have been Thursday, now 3 weeks in): I called Providence DPW. Left a message on a voicemail with no name. No call back.

Monday: I called Providence DPW and was transferred to an actual person. He told me to call Waste Management myself and gave me the phone number. My neighbor had also called DPW and left a message. She never received a call back.

Monday: I called Waste Management. I spoke with a woman who apologized every three or four words. She told me they would be picked up no later than Tuesday 12:00 noon.

Tuesday: I arrived home. Leaf bags still there. Bins with yellow “Yard Debris” stickers from the City still there. In front of several houses. It was too late to call WM. They closed at 5pm.

Wednesday: I called WM. I was told the truck would be out today even though Thursday morning was our regular pick-up day. Leaf bags still there.

Thursday: Regular pick-up day. Four weeks since the leaf bags were picked up. I arrived home and the bags were gone. Stunned.

Fast forward to this morning. I’m at the corner of Dexter and Westminster Streets where I need to make a left onto Westminster. It’s a crappy turn because there’s always a lot of traffic on Westminster and drivers don’t use their turn signals when making the right onto Dexter. There’s also a side street on the other side of Westminster where cars make dangerous left turns, and Joe’s Meat Market where cars are pulling in and out with no indicators.

As I roll up to the intersection, there’s a WM garbage truck in the opposite lane on Westminster with his blinker on to indicate he wants to turn left in front of me. He stops and waves me on to make my left. I look left and after the two cars quickly pass, I zoom onto Westminster. Thank you WM driver!


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