Scoot Commute

Finals are over, going for a ride

Working on a college campus, my concept of “year” is all messed up. May is the end of year. August is the beginning of year. The time inbetween is “use-it-or-lose-it-vacation” and “hey-I’ve-got-this-brilliant-idea-let’s-see-if-we-can-make-it-work!”.

Sarah, me, Buddy St. Tropez, BMW R75/5, and the Cobra at Trinity Brew Pub, Providence RI

Sarah, me, Buddy St. Tropez, BMW R75/5, and the Cobra at Trinity Brew Pub, Providence RI

I’ve been very fortunate to work with an absolutely brilliant student under the work/study program. Several of us (Susan, Sarah the student, me and Snackey Hackey) were going to go to lunch last Friday to celebrate the end of the semester and thank Sarah for all her hard work over the year. She really is a delight; smart, conscientious, interesting. But of course, Hackey couldn’t hack it so all our plans were laid to waste. I had already planned on riding Sarah on the back of the Buddy to our lunch place of choice so I had brought an extra FF helmet with me.

When Sarah came to the office and Susan had to disappoint her with the news we weren’t able to go off-campus to lunch, Susan suggested we stay on campus. As I had appointments in the afternoon, I said, “hey, I can’t do lunch, but let’s go for a ride! Whadd’ya think?” She said it sounded good, so off she went to get a long-sleeved jacket as it would be cold once we started moving.

We walked out to the scoot, and I gave her my extra FF. She wears glasses, too, so they were hard to get on (I don’t know what’s with the Scorpion helmets being all anti-glasses). Sarah’s a snowboarder so my instructions were basic. Lean with me, look in the same direction as my head, and don’t, don’t, don’t put your feet down, ever.

We saddled up and rode across Smith Street to the capital building then down through downtown Providence. I had no plan in mind, and as we’re riding, I thought, I wonder if Erik is at Trinity (his usual lunchtime Friday haunt). As we passed through the light across from the pub, a giant camper van was blocking my view. “I guess Tommy drove the camper today,” I thought to myself. I was going to abandon the plan, but then I saw the sun shining off some shiny chrome. “Ahhh, there’s the R75/5!” I pulled up and we went in to say hello. Erik came out and grabbed a snap for the blog.

Afterwards Erik told me that Julie, the bartender extraordinaire, commented on Sarah’s Descendents hoodie: If I were to ever wear a hoodie, that’d be the one. Not bad cred from Julie.

We rode back to campus and arrived just in time so Sarah could go with Susan and Em for lunch.


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