Scoot Commute

My son likes your motorcycle

Posted in Daily Commute, Suzuki DR-Z400SM (Elsa) by sbahn on 2010/04/19

I was on the RIC campus today (Rhode Island College), parking the DRZ400 in my illegal yellow painted stripes spot in the faculty lot (because, really, if I took up an extremely valuable full car spot, the bike would get tipped) and a woman pushing a toddler in one of those sling baby cart things (can you tell I don’t have children) stops and looks over the bike. As I pull off my helmet, she comments, “My son likes your motorcycle.” Now what self-respecting mom would stop and let her 3 1/2 year old son ogle a motorcycle?

I looked at her and said “When he’s 40.”

BTW…have I said recently how much freaking fun riding the DRZ400SM is? It was still light out when I left campus so I looped through Roger Williams Park on the way home. Elmwood Avenue is just crazyville and it really should only be one lane in each direction. The pulling out from a side street halfway across drives me insane. Either wait until it’s clear in both directions or use a side street that has a light. It’s called planning people, planning.

On the way up Broad Street from the park, there were two unmarked cop cars facing the wrong direction in front of the CVS. And three sheepish-looking kids sitting in the bus shelter out front. Gotta love Broad Street when the weather starts getting warmer.


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