Scoot Commute

There’s another BMW Toaster in little Rhody?

I’ve been very remiss with updates lately. The weather has been freakishly wonderful for early April and I’ve been doing a lot of riding.

After the torrential 2-day rainstorm last Monday and Tuesday, I took the DRZ for the rest of the week. As the cars crawled along Dean Street avoiding potholes so deep you could see China, I bopped along on my big wheels and had some fun.

Friday was a day off of work (Good Friday) so Erik and I took bikes down to Razees to get tires. He got new Metzlers on both the front and back of the /5 and I got a new Distanzia on the rear of Elsa the DRZ. I made two kinds of brownies, plain and chocolate chip, which apparently went over well. Both the service guys and parts guys were well fed.

Afterwards we rode over to Twisted Throttle. I’d never been there before. Their parking lot had been flooded by feet and feet of water, but it had receded by the time we got there. There were still pools of water all over North Kingstown on the backroad meandering way we went. I picked up a set of the Storm BarkBusters for Elsa. Everyone we dealt with were great. Amanda…I agree that the total should be down the bottom! Mike asked if he could sit on the DRZ, and I should have wondered why he wanted to since two of the TT folks have DRZ400SMs. It wasn’t until I got home that I read his profile on the TT site. He’s nuts!

Two BMW R75/5 with toaster tank

Two BMW R75/5 with toaster tank, and uh, um, my sweeeet DRZ

We rode over to Mew’s Tavern for a bite to eat (lunch at 5:00pm!). After we parked, I noticed another /5 Toaster in the lot. What is with that? There are R75/5 with toaster tanks in Rhode Island? Crazy!

Denied in Freetown MA

Denied in Freetown MA

On Easter Sunday we rode out to Freetown in Massachusetts. I don’t know why I thought the roads would be ok (epic floods, like where’s Noah? floods). I just wanted to check out the trails in the state park, but each street we tried to take was closed. The GPS had us riding around in circles. We eventually arrived at the main gate of the park, but the ranger station was closed. It was a nice ride out on Route 44 and the weather was beautiful.


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