Scoot Commute

The Airhead & the SuperMotard

What a sight we must make…he on the BMW R75/5; me on the DRZ400SM. He in subtle black Rukka; me in migraine-inducing hi-viz Olympia.

Saw a Piaggio BV500 with Texas plates on Route 1 in East Greenwich. Sweeeeet looking scoot. Fast as all get-out. Rider had on a nice perforated leather jacket. I liked that scoot. It looked like it would be a great Providence commuter that could easily go highway. Much more nimble looking than the Scarabeo, Silverwing or Burgman.

Stopped in to see Brendan at Razee’s to pick up a new clutch cable for the Honda Dream. Nothing was exactly right, but Brendan pulled out some very old stock to find something that may work. The two of them talking about ways to make the new/old clutch cable work — it was like a policy wonk meeting. Razee’s was going off it was sooooo busy. But kudos to them for having toilet paper in the bathroom (and a bathroom that’s not totally disgusting). The MotoGuzzi V7 Café was still there. I want that bike.

When we pulled in there was a Husky 610 SM parked with the Scorpion 700 hi-viz helmet and a hi-viz vest hanging off the seat. I walked over and the owner walked up. I said, “I thought I was the queen of hi-viz, but I think you got me beat.” The helmet was covered in reflective red stickers, as was the vest. We talked about the Husky (it was beautiful); he said it’s an absolute blast to ride. He took a look at my DRZ and commented about the rear rack (I had the saddle bags on to carry my crap). As in, “Wow, those are some nice welds.” Another reason I love men. Who says that?  I’m thinking, well, the rack keeps my crap away from the exhaust. He wrote down the place where I got the rack (TCI via

Elsa & Mackie Messer at Hank's Dairy Bar in Plainfield, CT

Elsa & Mackie Messer at Hank's Dairy Bar in Plainfield, CT

To the guy on the Harley at the Sunoco/Sam’s Food Store (4pc fried chicken with your gas!) in Moosup, CT: Thanks for the tip on Hank’s Dairy Bar in Plainfield, CT.

Why is there a sign in Connecticut that gives the distance to Providence in kilometers? Did the US switch and I miss it?

Guy in pick-up pulls up next to us at a light (in CT): “Those are some bad-ass bikes!” he screams across his wife and gives us a big thumbs up. The pick-up had not one, but two!, HD stickers on the back window.

White Navigator on Route 6: Don’t pass on the right. Cop car ahead with lights on has someone pulled over in the breakdown lane. White Navigator comes up on my right on this 3-lane highway. Erik is in front and I’m about a second behind. Navigator sees cop and wants to get over. I slow and motion with my right arm to get in between us. He freaks. Just move over idiot! He realizes it’s ok to get between two bikes, but as soon as he passes the cop, he goes back into the right lane to continue trying to pass Erik on the right. However, the right lane ends…as anyone who drives/rides this section of Route 6 coming into Providence would know, as I’m sure white Navigator with RI plates knows. Don’t pass on the frigging right!

And as always, as we merge onto surface streets in Cranston (Reservoir Ave) and then onto Elmwood Avenue, all traffic rules are out the window.
We rode over 100 miles all told. And I did it sitting on a two-by-four. Map


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