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Coming through in the clutch

Posted in BMW R75/5 (Mackie Messer), Honda Dream 305 by cheesebot on 2010/03/19

As I got near to work yesterday on the Honda Dream I noticed that my clutch wasn’t releasing like it should and I had to push the lever back out to avoid slipping. Once I got to my parking spot I got a chance to look at my clutch lever and saw that the cable had frayed and now that I was at work I had only two strands left on my clutch cable to get the eleven miles home.


So I called Brendan at Razee and he found something that may work for my bike. I was a little concerned that my ride home would be interrupted by a snapped cable but careful clutching and skipping a few gears here and there (to reduce clutching of course) I managed to get home without losing a single strand.

We’ll go over on Saturday to get a new cable so today I took off the cover to get off the cable and discovered that I’ve been riding this bike for hundreds of miles with a mouse nest inside.

This is why the Honda is awesome.

Anyway, I also got the BMW going again by regapping the points and replacing the condenser and it’s running better than ever. Since my neighbor, Ron, was waxing his 5-series BMW car in my driveway I asked to borrow a bit of his wax for my bike and give him a little treat and cleaned him up.

If he starts without a problem tomorrow I’ll take him to to Razee’s to sit among the big boys and strut his stuff (I’ll stand aside).


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