Scoot Commute

Where’s the storage?

Posted in Daily Commute, Suzuki DR-Z400SM (Elsa) by sbahn on 2010/03/16

One of the security guards at school rides a Rattler (his is a 49cc), so we’re sorta scooter buddies. Every time he sees me walking toward the scoot to head home, he yells out “Scootah laaaady” like he’s Jerry Lewis. At least the kids are used to it and don’t look anymore.

On Friday I rode the DR-Z because, well, it’s fun. When I was preparing to leave campus, he didn’t realize I didn’t have the scoot (even though I was parked in the Vespa’s parking spot and not the Buddy’s spot). I pulled up next to the guard shack and he came out, looked the bike up and down, backwards and forwards, and muttered, “Where’s the storage?”

So that’s what a scooter rider says to the dual sport rider.


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