Scoot Commute

New Shoes!

I am loving on my new tires!

New front tire for Elsa (the DR-Z) and new back tire for Franz (the Buddy).

Elsa is sportin’ a sweet Avon Distanzia 120/70; Franz is prancin’ about in some Michelin S1 finery.

Lemme tell ya, it was raining and the wind was blowing houses off their foundations yesterday, and that back tire on the Buddy stuck to the pavement. I put S1s on the Vespa last summer (front and back) and what a world of difference. I wanted to stick to the same 10 inchers on the Buddy to avoid a little bit of confusion (it’s enough that every bike I ride has different controls). But poor Buddy has one white wall in front (OEM tire) and a black wall in back. Can you imagine the poseur horror?

Big shout out to Gil at Razee‘s in North Kingstown. He took the ramblings of a half coherent idiot and turned them into some fine new shoes. I brought both wheels in (Erik is so good, taking them off the bikes for me on Saturday morning so I could still ride to work on Friday and again on Sunday), and had a good chuckle handing over the little 10incher with sweet, black metal of Elsa’s high heel, oops, I mean wheel.

I’ve got pics…will add layder.

And man, Razee’s had the cafe’d out Moto Guzzi V7 in that crazy green. It’s a looker, that’s for sure.


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