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New ADV Tag: PawSox

Posted in Honda Dream 305, Suzuki DR-Z400SM (Elsa) by sbahn on 2010/03/14

Could they have played any closer to my hand? Latest CT/RI tag is: PawSox stadium in the only city you can be lost in and not realize you’re within the city boundaries…Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Me, Elsa DR-Z400 SM and Honda Dream 305 at PawSox Stadium

Me, Elsa DR-Z400 SM and Honda Dream 305 at PawSox Stadium

Erik and I rode up together on Friday morning before I had to be to work to snag the latest RI/eastern CT tag. As we rode up North Main Street, passing the sad carcass that is JavaSpeed (kisses Patrick!), it occurred to me that I wanted to keep riding. And keep riding. And keep riding. But I had to get to work.

We passed a sportbike dude making a left out of the old Shaw’s parking lot. He was wearing an AST Olympia jacket in hi-viz and gave me a nod. Hi-viz dorks need to keep reinforcing the dorkdom. Erik looked over at me (we were stopped at a light) and just shook his head. Whatever Mr. Rukka all in black. In a cloudy urban landscape, my hi-viz is much more visible as long as the driver is choosing to look out a window.

We pulled up to Paws at the Paw Sox stadium and Erik snapped a pic. Some random black-clad guy was walking past us and kept staring. “Wha? Youse nevah seen some motobikes in da near rain wid Pawz?”

Later in the day I met Erik at Trinity where he snapped the next tag. When we were leaving, I think we confused some folks as I threw my leg over the DR-Z and Erik boarded the Honda Dream. Then again, I am taller.


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  1. Dewin Garnsey said, on 2010/08/22 at 4:38 pm

    LOL! I’m the sportbike dude. Sharin’ the hi-viz love. I find it hilarious to be randomly reading your blog on a rainy August Sunday, (meandered over here from and see myself mentioned. My 15 seconds of interweb fame, I guess.

    Until June I worked at the brick MD’s office at that intersection. I guarantee I’m the only sport-bike ridin’, hi-viz wearin’ moto rider you’d have seen there in the second week of March.

    My wife rides a Ninja 250, rockin’ her Olympia hi-viz at all times as well. And we have Stebel Nautilus horns on ALL of our bikes.

    Love your blog. Keep the rubber side down.

    Dewin Garnsey

  2. […] sitting on the bike, a guy in a hi-viz jacket walks up to introduce himself. It’s “hi-viz sportbike dude“. Are you kidding me? Some random rider who passed us in March of this year comes up to say […]

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