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OMG! The Bachelor wears a Belstaff!

Posted in Suzuki DR-Z400SM (Elsa) by sbahn on 2010/03/09

Ok, I’m gonna be reeeeeeal lame here. I watch “The Bachelor”. Yeah, I know. But I’m often really tied up in my work (I won’t mention the rental properties!) and I need a way to turn off my brain. Well, that and I like to turn my head away in horror and go “eeeeeuuuuuuw”.

Bachelor Jason & Molly wearing a Belstaff

Bachelor Jason & Molly wearing a Belstaff

So last night I’m watching the Bachelor wedding of Jason and Molly. The show fills in a lot of background if you haven’t been paying attention. At one point the happy couple is walking through a park in Seattle and Jason is wearing a Belstaff jacket. I turned to Erik and asked, “He doesn’t ride a bike, does he?” We then go off on a tangent trying to remember if we ever saw him on a motorbike. We both finally agree that we haven’t. But Erik, always the nice guy, admits that a waxed Belstaff makes a good Seattle jacket.

As we’re sloooowly getting through the two hours of looking back  in anticipation of the wedding (seriously, I hate weddings…thanks TVGC for that!), Erik is scooting through the DVR and we see an ad where a guy crashes a motorbike into a hedge of bushes. “Go back, go back!” I shout. I can hear him groaning even without groaning.

He goes back on the DVR and we watch it through. “I think it’s a DRZ, just like your bike,” he says. “No, no!” I protest. “Go back, go back…frame by frame!” He goes back and we watch it in slo-mo. I gotta admit, it looks like a black DRZ400 with the red and white pinstripes like on my bike.

I turn my head again to look at him. He knows the look. “Do you seriously want me to record Cougar Town? Are we going to have to watch this just because you have to know what bike it is?”

I give him the sad eyes look. “Please?” So before I go to bed tomorrow night, I shall know the make/model of the motorbike used to be all cool and non-middle aged on a television show I didn’t even know existed.


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