Scoot Commute

Slush on the Shield

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2010/03/03

Yeah, I was feeling kinda bad ass today. It was a sloppy, wet snow this morning when I headed into campus. As I was heading down River Ave toward Smith Street, I scooped a handful of snow off my shield. Several more times during my commute, I repeated this action. When I finally pulled onto campus and into my spot, I was feeling pretty good. Gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling all day as I looked out the window during the relentless snow squalls.

I’m glad I wear screaming hi-viz yellow because the blue scoot was definitely blending into the fog, snow, and typical urban landscape today. I love it when someone starts to pull out and then stops short because they see me.

Oh and jackass-move-of-the-day award goes to the taxi cab behind me on Eagle Street turning left onto Atwells Ave. I was in front of the cab, light turns green, and I move into the intersection. There are two lanes of oncoming traffic so I’m waiting for it to clear before making my left. The cab pulled a “Rhode Island” and just started going, forcing both lanes of traffic to stop because he didn’t want to wait for a clearing. He thought he could just go. I just shook my head and stood my ground. When it became clear (I had to wait on a whole two more cars!), I made my left. I do feel like George Costanza sometimes: We’re living in a society!


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