Scoot Commute

Took the long way home

Posted in Daily Commute, Pleasure Ride by sbahn on 2010/03/02

Not all that warm yet, but boy was it a nice day! Bright blue skies, puffy white clouds, and this shining light that I assume comes from the star we mere humans call the sun. I reeeeeeally wanted to take a midday ride but couldn’t fit it into the schedule (some spring break this is turning out to be).

When I left campus, I took a weirdy route from Elmhurst to the East Side and then back over and down through Edgewood (that would be Cranston), riding along the Bay. So beautiful. Chilly. Lots of joggers (it is Edgewood…it could be a torrential downpour or a blizzard and folks would still be out in their hi-viz construction worker vests jogging along the roadside). Lots of dog walkers.

Lemme tell ya, dog walker people. I get that you wear hi-viz. It’s dark, you’re walking alongside the roadway, you want to be seen. But there’s good hi-viz and bad hi-viz, very, very, very bad hi-viz. Well, I know there’s some folks who wouldn’t agree there’s even good hi-viz, but I know I look awesome so keep your pathetic little comments to yerself, why donncha.

As I was passing by the little park on Narragansett Parkway, I saw this guy with a dog. How could I not see the guy. He was wearing a black silky zip-front jogger top (what I would call an Irish tracksuit) that had strips of different colored hi-viz tape randomly (and I mean RAN-domly) affixed to the back. Dude, seriously, you’d be better off with the construction vest.

I rode down to my usual turnaround where the BMW guy lives, but no bikes were out. I took Broad Street back home and as I’m riding, very slowly as there is no such thing as going fast on Broad Street, I thought to myself, this is like being in a foreign country. Then I corrected my thought with, I don’t know any foreign countries that look like this. I’m glad I live on the Southside! Where else can I grab a chimi, frequent a local shop named Joyeria Italia, and pass a guy on an illegal bike with no gear in 35F weather?! Viva La Southside!

Oh, and it was fantastic to see the lights on at the Washington Park branch of the Providence Community Library. First time riding by at night. Go PCL!


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