Scoot Commute

Kymco People on campus

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Campus, Parking by sbahn on 2010/02/16

I had a nice long 3-day weekend thanks to President’s Day, the weird winter holiday that no one celebrates appropriately. I’m taking a class in the evenings and had to dash back from my reconnoiter to IKEA to look at bathroom and kitchen stuff for the last apartment in need of renovation.

My class was in the computer lab last night instead of our usual classroom, and while I had sussed out a closer parking lot, lost my nerve and parked in my usual spot in the yellow slash marks in the faculty lot. Walking over to the lab building, I passed a bicycle rack that featured a chained Kymco People. There were other people around so I didn’t check the speedo to see if it was a 50 or 150 (the badge was removed) as I didn’t want to alarm anyone (hi-viz freak sniffing around large-wheel scooter). It was nice to see another scoot out in the winter. It was gone by the time I passed again walking to my scoot.

I did buy a new-to-me bike on Saturday. I haven’t picked it up yet because I need to register it to ride it home. This Saturday’s weather is looking decent (40F) so I hope to have pics to show off the hot wheels.


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