Scoot Commute

Thanksgiving Dinner on a Scooter

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Shopping by sbahn on 2009/11/25

Two-wheeled Trader Joe's turkey transportationToday’s riding consisted of going to the post office with eight eBay packages to ship out to the UK and then heading to Trader Joe’s in Warwick to pick up the fixings for our Thanksgiving dinner. I do most of the cooking and bring everything to Erik’s grandmother’s house in Marion MA to feed whoever shows up (this year will be a minimum of 7). I picked up a 23 pound turkey with gravy, veggies, baking basics, milk and sour cream, as well as some taquitos and carnitas for the weekend. The place was not very busy (surprising!) but there was one person checking out items and another packing. I whipped out my own bags and said I would take care of packing as it’s all about weight distribution. She looked at me, and the check-out person said “Oh, looks like you rode your bike” because she saw my helmet in the trolley. That got a nod from the packer person. Apparently wearing armoured hi-viz is not enough of a tip-off. Annoyingly TJs didn’t have plain cornmeal or regular sacks of sugar (what is organic sugar anyway? isn’t all sugar organic?) so I’m still going to have to head out to a regular store. I may try Sanchez first, though, because I don’t feel so hot at the moment. This weather front is wreaking havoc on my head.

Oh, did I mention it was raining?

I gotta get cooking!


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