Scoot Commute

Commuters of Providence – I’m giving you an A+ for tonight’s commute

I spend a lot of time here whining about the crappy drivers in Providence. Tonight I have nothing but praise.

It was dark, cold, raining, slippery, and a little bit scary riding home tonight. A steady cold rain was falling. Wet streets, cold air, miserable. Not once, not twice, not even three times, but four times I had drivers do something nice for me. Sometimes they were yielding their right-of-way by proceeding through a light slowly so I could make a left in front of them. One time someone actually stopped to let me make a left out onto a backed-up street because he looked ahead, saw a red light and lots of traffic, and stopped short. Now that’s what I call paying attention.

I really gotta hand it to you, commuters of Providence, for making what I thought was going to be a truly miserable ride home a quick and uneventful ride.  Thumbs up, A+ to you!

On another note my new-to-me Rev’It Fahrenheit H2O gloves were fabulous! Kept my paws toasty warm and dry. I am going to have many miles of comfy and safe riding in these. Thanks to Apostolis for a great deal.


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