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New Baby!

Posted in Bike Buying, Honda CB350 K2, Shows / Rallies by sbahn on 2009/11/22
1970 Honda 350

1970 Honda 350

We went to the big Bettencourt’s auction yesterday and now there’s a new baby that needs to find a berth in the garage. We met Brendan from Razees (in North Kingstown) and he introduced me to Gordon who said it’d be no problem to transport the bike to the shop (we had the Fit and there was no way we were getting the ape hanger handlebars in the back).

There were many, many beautiful bikes, mostly small displacement (yaaa!). The prices were off the charts and that’s great for the Bettencourt family (it was a charity auction). I really wanted a perfect 1970 Cub with 200 miles on it that looked like it came off the showroom floor but it went for $1900! There was a /2 with an attached sidecar that went for $9500. A V7 Sport Guzzi went for $8500. The most expensive bike was a Laverda 750 with 215 miles on it went for $12,500. It was gorgeous. The guy who won it covered it in bubblewrap and put paper coffee cups over the turn signals as he was storing it for pick up next week. I hope he is careful riding it!

I had an absolutely fantastic time. The garage was packed to the gills with vintage motorcycle enthusiasts…there was certainly a lot of testosterone going around.


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