Scoot Commute

Most ridiculous lane-sharing incident to date

It was lashing with rain this morning and I was all dolled up in my hi-viz finery. There were wet leaves and puddles everywhere, deep disturbing puddles of unknown depths. I was taking it very cautiously, slowing way down for turns, watching the traffic ahead of me to gauge puddles, trying to keep my shield unfogged.

As I was getting ready for the light to turn green at the intersection of Dexter and Cranston Streets, a car made a right-hand turn onto Dexter and was almost swallowed up by a puddle that was straddling the entire street. The idiot driver behind me did not have his lights on (it was pouring!) so I knew he didn’t notice how deep the puddle was.

The lighted changed to green and I stood up, putting my feet on the passenger foot rests, and drove very slowly across the intersection and into the mini-lake. I thought standing up would make the guy behind me realize he should take it slowly, but again, I put too much faith in other peoples’ abilities to reason. He hung right on me, velcro’d to my rear fender. It sure was fun going through the puddle, though.

A bunch of cop cars went zooming down Westminster and Broadway (and another on the Route 6 overpass), lights and sirens blaring. Yet another accident.

The ride was enjoyable and the rain started to let up. At the light at Atwells and Harris Avenues, where it is two lanes each way, I pulled up into the left lane as there was only one car and they didn’t have their blinker on indicating the desire to make a left turn (cars in the left lane usually turn left). I was hoping that they were, truly, going straight and not participating in the obnoxious Rhode Island tradition of stealth turning, as the right lane had 6 or 7 cars in it and I would probably not make the light if I chose that lane.

The light turned green and miracle of miracles, the car in front of me did go straight. So did the Mercedes SUV to my right. I rode through the intersection behind the car. Cars in the right lane that go straight usually want to get over into the left as the right lane veers off onto a different street. I was trying to figure out if the SUV really wanted to go right or wanted to get into my lane. She didn’t have a signal on to indicate her desire to merge left. I then watched her wheels start to veer into my lane. I was level with her window. I automatically pressed the horn button (Stebel air blast!) and turned my head to look at her. What does she do?

She mouths the words “I see you”.

Really? You see me. Then why are you trying to kill me? Because that’s how I read your behaviour.

Get out of my lane, stop bullying me to let you get over, put your frigging blinker on to indicate your motives, and be a little more considerate.

Oh and residents of Elmhurst? There are these things called RAKES that you can buy at Benny’s to move all those leaves into a big pile for disposal into these other things called LEAF BAGS. It’s as if the entire neighborhood is homicidal toward two-wheelers.


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