Scoot Commute

Norwood MA in the wind

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/11/18
Buddy & me in Norwood, MA

Buddy & me in Norwood, MA

Last week I had to give a talk off-campus in Norwood, MA so I got to do some actual riding and not the brain-numbing torture of my usual 3 mile commute. I’ve ridden the route before (to go the Lars Anderson Museum‘s Micro Mini Car Day) which is basically Route 1 starting in Pawtucket straight up to Norwood. Yes, I got lost in Pawtucket. Is there anyone who doesn’t? I still made in it in plenty of time despite the whipping wind and cars going 80 mph.

On the way home I stopped at Target inPlainville (I know, I know, it’s a problem) and managed to get three humongous bags bungee’d onto the scoot. One went in the milkcrate, one under the seat and one on the back of the seat against the crate. Let me tell you…it was comfy! I had to carry my purse with extra gloves and other crap on the floor board. No way I could have carried this much stuff on a motorcycle.

Stupid me didn’t map the return route because I forgot about having to get through Pawtucket backwards. I know my way around parts of Pawtucket to get headed in the right direction but I know there must be an easier route to take. Erik suggested we take an afternoon and just ride around in circles until we find a clean, easy route by landmark (there are no street signs in the entire city which is part of the problem; the other part being that  major streets are one-way).

I’m a handful of blocks from my street and stopped at a red light on Broad. A guy is crossing the street (in the crosswalk!), looks in my direction, and says “Es muy frío.” He then looks a little harder at me and immediately switches to English “is cold, no?”. I laugh and yell out through my FF “yeah, but my gear is warm” (because I was, at the moment, seriously sweating up a storm because of the lengthy Target stop, the confusion in Pawtucket and the gazillion layers I had on).

I love my neighborhood…the assumption of Spanish first and then the quick ‘save’ by switching languages. Not like this gringa didn’t know something as simple as muy frío! Come on…give me a little credit. Overall I was happy that the weather was warm enough and sunny enough to be able to scoot up to Norwood. I really didn’t want to drive.


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