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Unusual Markings on Cahir Street

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/11/17


I’m finally getting around to writing up my shock and confusion from several weeks ago. I was coming home late on Wednesday evening via Dean Street which turns into Cahir Street between Westminster and Broad. It was dark and I was thinking about the day and my sick cat (she has since taken her last breath, sweet Legs). I sweep up and over the hill at Westminster, zipping through the green light.

Yikes! What are these things on the asphalt? White stripes. Yellow stripes…two of them in parallel in the center of the roadway. Along the right shoulder there are letter shapes, put together in this order: B U S and a solid white line to the left of the B. “Hmmm…what are these things?” I thought to myself.

Buddy on Cahir Street, Providence RI

Buddy on Cahir Street, Providence RI

It was so curious that I came home the same route on Friday afternoon, determined to get a picture to show the world in the hopes that someone could provide a clear explanation. I keep thinking there simply must be a connection between the lane with the letters painted in it and the high schools that are nearby. I just cannot imagine what that connection is because the big yellow trucks that cart the obnoxious teens to and fro prefer to double-park and block Broad Street.



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