Scoot Commute

Behind a schoolbus

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/11/06

On my ride in this morning, I found myself behind a schoolbus near the ALCO complex. My first thought as I saw the bus stopped in front of me at the light was, “awww, man, I don’t want to be behind a bus. Maybe there aren’t any kids on it.” I was wrong. It was filled with kids and everyone knows the kids at the back of the bus are often not the best kids in the bunch.

At first, no reaction. No one turns around. There are a lot of lights during this section of my commute and I’m staying way over to the right at the reds because the exhaust pipe on the bus is located on the left and is level with my head. Yum, carbon monoxide!

I make the left onto River Avenue and start heading up the crazy steep hill. It’s at this point the kids notice me. One looks out, then turns and gets another until there are 4 or 5 nine to ten year old boys staring out the back window. At the next two stop signs, they just stare. Then, as we proceed toward Chalkstone Avenue, one of them gets brave and offers a slight wave. Not big enough so his friends know what he’s doing, but enough movement to indicate a wave. I nod back and smile. Not like you can see me smiling in my fullface with my fleece neck tube pulled up over my chin and tucked into the bottom part of my helmet. He turned to his friends and then a bunch of them started waving. I waved back and they all started giggling. It was adorable.

At the stop sign on River Ave where I make my right to shortcut onto Smith Street, I gave a big wave and they all waved back. They really did surprise me, our tough little Providence students. Put a smile on my face for most of the morning!

The ride home tonight was fantastic for a Friday evening. Very little traffic (considering it was Friday evening…only had to go through two cycles of the light onto Atwells at Eagle Square…almost a miracle). The exhaust is screaming loud so I’m going to have to look at that this weekend. Otherwise, Sunday looks to be a beautiful day so I may take the Honda out for leisurely ride.


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