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Unpredictable New England weather or When to put the liners in

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/11/04

Last Friday I put the liners into my riding pants (FirstGear Escape TPGs, love ’em although would like them a bit longer) for the ride down to Bristol. Most of the ride is along the water and it gets cold.

Yesterday, Tuesday, it was 55-ish degrees when I left work. I had lined riding pants over a pair of winter-weight dress trousers and my lined riding jacket (I put the lining in the Olympia AST awhile ago because the wind hitting me makes me coooold) with a fleece jacket underneath and a thin turtleneck underneath that. I stopped at the Aldi on the way home for a few things. When I came out of the store and was gearing up, I realized, man, I’m hot (no, not that kind of hot, well, yeah, I am, but that’s not what I’m talking about here). And there’s really nothing I can do about it except get moving. Oh, but wait, it’s 5:30pm on Pleasant Valley Parkway, there’s no moving happening.

By the time I got into the house, I was ripping off clothing like the Governor hadn’t just signed the bill banning indoor prostitution. The cats went scrambling every which way as I tromped through the house to back where the “motorcycle center” holds my gear.

Not that I like to ride in the cold, but the cold-hot-warm-hot-cold weather is making me crazy!


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