Scoot Commute

I’m checking out at the Target and this guy in a hi-viz Tourmaster…

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Shopping by sbahn on 2009/11/04

gets in line behind me. I’m putting the items from my cart up on the conveyor belt and I pull my head up and there’s this guy. In bright yellow. Well, dingy bright yellow. I’m wearing screaming bright yellow. I looked at the woman checking out my items, she looks at me, I look back at the guy as the woman turns her head toward him, and I say “You on a bike?” He says, “Yeah, I ride.” I say “Right now?” [It’s dark and coldish in Smithfield, Rhode Island.] He nods and says “Are you?” I laughed. Why else would I be wearing this ridiculous outfit of high-viz yellow and lined, armoured motorcycle pants underneath my dress? I say, “Actually, I’m on my scooter today. I have to put all this stuff somewhere” as I waved my hand across the conveyor. He says he has matching pants. I show him mine (pull up my dress hem), and he says, “No. In matching in hi-viz.” “Wow!” I reply and look at the clerk. She looks at me and I say, “Well, at least you now know why we’re in bright yellow.” She laughed.

We chatted about what kind of gloves keep your hands warm. The outrage that is the Pell Bridge toll ($4…the same as cars have to pay!), his ride down to Florida last fall (he stayed until May of this year), and my plans to ride up to Nova Scotia (he did the ride a few years back in May and said it was amazing. The people are super-nice and there’s free motorcycle parking everywhere).

I checked out and headed out the store. It took me a while to secure the scoot and when I finally headed out, I was behind him. At the light out of the shopping center lot, I pulled up near him. It looked like he was on an older Honda Shadow and he was wearing a full-face (of course…no one who wears hi-viz is then going to ruin the effect with a 3/4 helmet). Maybe I just wanted it to be a Honda. I never did ask him. He tooted and turned right. I waved and turned left. Good times.


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