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A rider’s best friend: Wet Leaves

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/10/29

Wednesday morning was cold, rainy, raw and miserable. But I still rode in (what, me give up my primo parking spot?) knowing that I wouldn’t be leaving campus until 9:30/10:00 pm-ish. It was a light drizzle mist in the morning, not bad at all. During the day, however, the sky opened up and it lashed with rain. From my office window I watched the leaves being beaten to the earth by the unrelenting raindrops.

I had to walk down to lower campus for a presentation later in the day. I should have switched my office shoes for my riding boots as my merrills became soaked in the puddles and rivlets of water streaming down the big hill next to Accinno. When I got back to my office I took off my soaking socks, cranked up the forced hot air vent in my office, and the socks were dry within an hour. Amazing what hot air can do.

After class I came back to my office to gear up, peering wistfully out the window hoping that the rain had subsided. It had, for the most part, and it was just lightly misting. As I headed out to the scoot, I told myself to take it easy on the way home particularly on turns. Avoid manhole covers and stay upright. I had slipped ever so slightly on a manhole cover turning onto Huxley on the way in this morning and didn’t want to repeat that move.

Wet Leaves

Wet Leaves

Uneventful ride home. At the turn at Crossroads I saw a Volvo coming towards me. I could have made a right-on-red in front with enough time, but something told me that it was Eileen, my neighbor. The car passed and then I made my right and sure enough, the license plate was ES and some numbers. In Rhode Island often the clerks at the DMV will assign you a plate with your initials. I stayed behind her onto Elmwood Avenue, but she was behind a poke, so I got into the other lane and passed. Arriving home on my street, it was littered with fallen leaves even though many of us had dutifully raked both our yards and the gutter in front of our houses the day before. There’ll be many more leaf bags to come.


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