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Is my milkcrate cursed?

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/10/23
Buddy turns over 5000

Buddy turns over 5000

I headed over to the garage on Tuesday morning, carrying a giant bag of eBay packages and my regular bag with my lunch and wallet and stuff, Erik alongside me with yet another eBay package, to load everything up onto the Buddy. I pulled the Buddy out of the garage and slipped the huge pink bag I use for carrying eBay packages into the crate on the back. I had to remove the smallest, fattest package to make it fit width-wise, and then I slipped that package next to the bag. I used one bungee over the top of the bag and it was firmly in place. Finally I used two bungees to secure the large priority mail box to the back of crate and onto the seat (like a backrest). I didn’t really think about the little package as I’ve had a lot (and I mean a lot!) on my mind. Plus I’m never fully with it in the mornings anyway. I hate getting up and I’m always a little bleary.

I head off , camera in pocket (I never ride with things in my pockets because I’m so paranoid about going down and bleeding to death from keys that have punctured my liver) because my odometer is about to flip over to…5000! I took it slowly on Elmwood Ave, then left turn onto Sprague. It’s coming up, it’s coming up. I roll up to the light at Cranston and Dexter and I’m less than 1/10th away! I go through the light and drift over toward the gutter and watch the numbers turn.

Buddy at the Cranston Street Armory

Buddy at the Cranston Street Armory, Providence RI

I couldn’t have asked for a better place, directly across the street from the Cranston Street Armory. I tried to get a shot of the scoot and the castle, but the angle was killer and there was a tree in the line of sight.

I continue along my commute, taking the old way because of all the unending construction on Dean Street (thanks TARP!), and make good time. I pull into the campus lot, turn off the scoot and dismount, and start the task of unbungee-ing everything. I pull off the two yellow bands that are holding the priority mail box. I undo the white bungee that is holding in the big pink bag and begin to yank it out of the crate (it’s very heavy and unwieldy as it’s holding my international packages) and I look into the crate, and then I look again, and then I look in the pink bag, and then I look toward the speed bump I went over when I entered the parking lot, and then I look again in the pink bag, and it hits me that the little bundle that was headed to Denmark is no where to be seen.

I think for a moment that I may retrace my route, but I really need to get into my office and get the day started. It was an inexpensive auction item and I just figure, it’s gone. Later in the day I need to head out to the Providence Housing Court and I have stuff that I would like to get done before then.

I get into my office and IM Erik to tell him what happened. I thought it was either still sitting in the driveway across the street (as if I had forgotten to put it into the crate in the first place) or had bounced out over the two speed bumps on my street (they’re insanely large and I take them at speed). He called my neighbor Jason and asked him to check in the driveway and at the two speed bumps, but he didn’t find anything.

I go to Court later in the day and take a convoluted way home to retrace a little over half of my ride. Still nothing. No brown paper wrapping. No green customs form. No shiny raincoat. Nothing.

With heavy heart I contact the buyer and explain what happened and refunded his payment. He was very understanding and thanked me for my honesty. I even sent him a picture of the scooter so he knew I was serious when I said this is what it looked like this morning.

This is the second item that has bounced out of that crate (see What a crappy, crappy, crappy commute).

Oh and here’s the Armory. Underdog was filmed here.

Cranston Street Armory, Providence

Cranston Street Armory, Providence


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