Scoot Commute


Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/10/15

Yesterday was the first day this fall that the temperature was below 40F when I left the house. Brrr. Why do I do this again?

Wednesdays are a long day at the ranch. I left campus around 10pm and passed a scoot coming in the opposite direction on Pleasant Valley. I was so stunned I almost gave a “Hi Mom”, but managed to pull it out in the end with just a straight arm acknowledgment. I think the guy was riding two-up (it was dark and I was focusing on the traffic in front/behind me and immediately to my left; he was in the right lane of the opposite direction two lane roadway) and had no helmet, no gloves and, I think, shorts. That’s pretty insane in my book. Hope you smeared some Eucerin on your face when you got home or you’ll look pretty withered by 30.

This morning, more brrrrr. I saw a red Suzuki! I was at the light at the Armory (Cranston & Parade) and this guy goes riding by on a sport bike. Again, I couldn’t believe it. You’re alright, man.


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